"save the future, invest in the youth"




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Brilliant Minds Educational Tutorial College

“Save the future, invest in the youth”


Brilliant MindsEducationalTutorialCollege is based on the values of developing a lifelong love of learning in the youth of today.

Our aim is to combine the traditional values of hard work and responsibility with the modern thinking of kaizen- continuous improvement, innovation, flexibility and forward thinking.

Here we believe that you must be constantly improving to stay viable in today’s economic conditions.

Students are taught the values of honesty, trust and respect and how these core principles contribute to their socio-economic and moral well being as well as the contributions they can make to their communities and society as a whole.

Punctuality and consistent hard work are some of the key ingredients to a successful student and worker. Students are encouraged to be forward thinking and disciplined.

The process of supplementing independent learning is key to the constant development of employable skills that are necessary to succeed in the current economic climate.

Good education is a substantial investment in the future of our youth, just as valuable as good health and family. We hope to empower the youth with these ideals no matter what career path they choose, be it entrepreneurial or employment.

All students are taught in accordance to their examination boards. We adhere strictly to a maximum class size of six students.

Our teachers are practicing professionals in the education field; we cover ages from 5 to A2 level. Career and educational progression are key to the value we give our students.

Our premises are modern and up to date to give students access to the highest qualities of education possible.